Message From the Director

Many groups with diverse needs and interests have a stake in the future of COC. We rely on our stakeholders to help us carry out our purpose and mission.

First and foremost are the people with disabilities we support along with their parents, guardians, and extended family, many of whom take an active role in advocating for the interests of their loved ones.

Our many volunteers enhance the quality of life for the people we support. Some volunteers work one-to-one and develop long-term friendships. Others from community churches regularly take individuals to church and help them to become part of the life of the church. Still others, often part of school, college, and church groups, assist with special events.

COC has been blessed with staff members committed to our purpose and mission. Because of the importance of having a quality staff, we have made staff recruitment and retention a high priority and have developed creative strategies to retain good staff members.

Quality governing board members ensure that our purpose and mission are effectively carried out. The board members along with at-large committee members volunteer their time to ensure that good policies are established and that our strategic plan is implemented.

COC is appreciative of our funding sources, and we take seriously our responsibility to offer good value for the many services provided. Our donors help us grow the Foundation Fund to secure our future, providing gifts that allow us to enhance the lives of people with disabilities.

Many local businesses provide employment opportunities to people with disabilities through individual job placements and small work groups known as work enclaves. Other businesses provide contract work for our facility-based program that provides real jobs, such as production work, for people with disabilities. We’re thankful to these businesses so that we can help people with disabilities transition from being tax-supported to tax-paying citizens.

Yes, I am thankful for the great support we have been receiving from all these stakeholders! I look forward to continuing these strong relationships as we work together to ensure that people with disabilities receive the best support so that they can lead meaningful lives.

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Rod Braun

Executive Director

Integrating Christian Values in Teaching Skills for Life