Vocational Services

Christian Opportunity Center (COC) helps support people with disabilities through a person-centered approach called the ISP. Everyone, with the assistance of their team, decides what their goals are and the types of job(s) they would like to pursue. COC provides on-the-job training and support to help them learn the necessary job duties to be successful in employment.

Facility-Based Employment (FBE)

COC employs people with disabilities at facilities in Oskaloosa and Pella. COC contracts for production work with more than 30 companies to provide production services such as small parts packaging, general assembly, mail processing, digital document recording, shredding, delivery, and woodworking.

Life Skills and Day Habilitation

In Indianola, COC conducts training in various life skills such as independent living skills, social skills, and communication skills. In Pella and Indianola, day habilitation participants often practice these skills in the community in an integrated setting. These programs are currently offered in Indianola, Oskaloosa and Pella.

Community-Based Employment (CBE)

COC helps people with disabilities find and maintain employment, with an emphasis on finding the right job match for each person. COC has helped people find employment in a variety of settings including retail or grocery stores and restaurants, meal delivery, cleaning services, and production work in factories. CBE programs are currently operating in Pella, Knoxville, Oskaloosa, and Indianola.

Christian Opportunity Center is Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accredited in all of its vocational services.

Integrating Christian Values in Teaching Skills for Life