The people supported by Christian Opportunity Center (COC) decide with their teams what living arrangement best suits their individual needs and are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Individual rooms express the tastes and preferences of the occupants. COC’s staff members, called Living Skills Advisors, are encouraged to be partners, not parents, and to be supporters, not servers. The COC staff also provides guidance and support with a Christian emphasis in accordance with our values. The staff gives opportunities for devotional times and facilitates attendance at local churches, including worship services and Bible study groups.

Depending on the program, various other support services are available, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, recreational therapy, and nursing services.

Intermediate Care Facility for Persons With Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID)

Intermediate Care Facility programs provide intense support and training in activities of daily living to people with severe disabilities who need 24-hour supervision and support, while adhering to the principle of active treatment. During the day people who live in the ICF/ID are able to complete paid work for local companies doing things like small parts packaging and shredding.   ICF/ID is highly regulated and supports people with significant intellectual disabilities. COC has a ICF/ID program in Pella.

Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)

Home and Community-Based Services provide training and support to help people develop independent living skills while living in shared homes. People supported share common living areas, laundry facilities, and bathrooms, though they have their own individual rooms. COC has HCBS homes in Pella, Oskaloosa, Knoxville, Indianola, and the Des Moines metro.