• Direct Support Professionals are responsible to supervise and provide interactive training for people with disabilities in home settings. They aid people with disabilities in completing household chores, participating in group or relaxing activities and with personal grooming/hygiene. Must have excellent documentation and communication skills.
  •          HCBS (Home and Community Based Services)

    •  Part time 16 hrs/wk. Schedule: Wk 1: Mon and Sat, 2p-10p. Wk 2: Sun and Fri 2p-10p.
    • $16/hr
    • Part time 16 hrs/wk. Schedule: Every Sunday and every other Tues and every other Thurs, 6a-2p.
    • $16/hr
  • If you have any questions about employment at COC, contact us by phone at 641-628-8087, ext. 1139 or by e-mailing Human Resources.

COC is an equal employment opportunity employer.