Christian Opportunity Center (COC) is proud to announce the appointment of Jodi Tukker as its new Executive Director. With an impressive career spanning over two decades at COC, Jodi brings a wealth of experience and a heartfelt commitment to the organization’s mission.

Jodi Tukker’s career at COC began when she joined as a Direct Support Professional in the Pella program while pursuing her college education. Her unwavering dedication to COC’s mission and values has been evident throughout her journey. Over the years, she has assumed several key administrative roles and in 2018 she became Associate Director. Her passion for supporting individuals with disabilities has been a guiding force in her rise within the organization.

Reflecting on her tenure at COC, Jodi Tukker shared, “COC has been a place where I could grow in skill sets that I didn’t start out knowing I had. Working in this field can be challenging at times, but it is also very rewarding, and COC is an organization I have always been very proud to be a part of.” Her journey within the organization is a testament to her commitment to personal and professional growth, a journey that has now led her to the role of Executive Director.

Jodi holds a Bachelor of Social Work from Dordt College and a master’s degree in public administration from Upper Iowa University. When asked about COC’s accomplishments, she highlighted the organization’s consistent commitment to its Christian values and to delivering exceptional services, even amidst challenges such as covid and workforce shortages. “We have people supported and staff that have been with COC for decades, and I believe that our Christian values and the excellent services we continue to provide are two of the primary reasons people stay,” Jodi emphasized.

The entire COC community is thrilled to welcome Jodi Tukker as the new Executive Director, marking a historic milestone as the first woman to hold this position in COC’s 54-year history. Her dedication, extensive experience, and heartfelt commitment to COC’s mission make her an excellent choice to lead the organization into the future.

Christian Opportunity Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and services to individuals with disabilities. With a strong commitment to Christian values and a history spanning 54 years, COC has consistently enhanced its services, ensuring that individuals with disabilities receive the opportunities and support they deserve. Under the leadership of Jodi Tukker, COC is prepared to continue its legacy of excellence and empowerment within the disability services field.

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