John Eilers
COC Executive Director

Christian Opportunity Center (COC) announces the retirement of John Eilers, Executive Director, who has dedicated nearly two decades of his career to enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities at COC. Effective August 31st, Eilers will be stepping down from his position, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional leadership and a deep impact on COC.

Eilers joined COC in 2004 as the Associate Director, bringing with him an impressive professional background and a passion for human services and ministry. In 2018, Eilers assumed the role of Executive Director and has demonstrated exceptional leadership during challenging times, including navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and workforce crises with resilience and compassion. His dedication ensured the well-being and safety of both the individuals supported and the staff at COC.

Reflecting on COC’s greatest accomplishments during his tenure, Eilers said, “Two achievements come to mind, first, the heroic work of all COC staff as we together weathered the Covid-19 Pandemic with minimal loss of life and serious illness for people supported and staff. The second noteworthy achievement was the conversion of all but one of our Intermediate Care Facilities to Home and Community Based Services group homes. The positive outcomes are more community integrated lives for people supported and better funding for COC.”

Beyond the organizational achievements, Eilers cherishes the countless moments of compassion, rapport, and personal growth witnessed between COC staff and the individuals they support. These heartwarming experiences exemplify the core values that define COC, making it a truly special place.

For Eilers, COC has been more than just a career; Eilers went on to say, “I have been blessed to be able to do work that is not only human services but also a ministry to people with disabilities. To be part of COC’s ministry to support wonderful people with disabilities to have a good life has been a privilege and a joy.”

The entire COC community, including staff, individuals supported, and stakeholders, join in expressing their deep appreciation for Eilers’ outstanding leadership, commitment, and invaluable contributions to COC’s growth and success. While he will be greatly missed, John Eilers leaves behind a legacy that will continue to inspire and guide COC’s future endeavors.