Honoring God

Christian Opportunity Center (COC) affirms that everyone is created in the image of God and that people with disabilities should be valued as such. COC is committed to serving the needs of the whole person including spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical needs.

Commitment to Service

COC advocates for people with disabilities on every level. COC is proactive in meeting the needs of people supported and responsive to all stakeholders. COC incorporates choice through informed decision making as it leads to quality supports and meaningful lives for people supported.

Responsible Stewardship

COC seeks to balance the needs of people supported with the capability of the funding source. COC will make decisions based on responsible stewardship of public and private funds. COC remains mindful of being a public benefit corporation that seeks to be profitable to do more good.

Leadership Excellence

COC is committed to meet and exceed regulations on standards of quality. COC strives to hire and support staff members based on talent, compatibility and commitment to Christian values. COC maintains that all staff shall develop leadership skills and model excellent performance, teamwork and respect for people supported and staff.