• Responsible to supervise and provide interactive training for people with disabilities, including mental illness,┬áin home settings
  • Will aid people with disabilities in, completing household chores, participating in group or relaxing activities and with personal grooming/hygiene
  • Excellent documentation and communication skills required

HCBS (Home and Community Based Services)

  • 1 FT position (Living Skills Advisor) 48-72 hrs per week (Any hours worked over 40 per week are paid in overtime)
  • Schedule: Wk 1- Sun 8p-Tues 8p and Thurs 8p-Fri 8p. Wk 2: Fri 8p-Sun 8p. Wk 3: Tues 8p-Thurs 8p.
  • $8.39/hr with an annual average wage of $27,821/year.