Every year we reach out to congregations in the communities where COC serves to bring awareness of our brothers and sisters who happen to have disabilities.   Most congregations have different days set apart throughout the year for disability awareness, but we choose October to observe and to get the word out about our brothers and sisters in Christ who live with disabilities.

Disability Awareness Sunday for all congregations encourages others to allow their churches to be places of belonging where everyone is given opportunity to discover who they are in Christ as well as in the church as they join in ministry, with a particular focus on people with disabilities.

Throughout my time at COC I have learned more from people supported than I have had the opportunity to teach.  There are so many things they teach us from accepting ourselves and others as they are, unconditional love and friendship and so much more.  If you would like me to come to your congregation to speak on your designated Disability Awareness Sunday, please reach out to me in Spiritual Services at COC. You may send me an e-mail message at tcomstock@christianopportunity.org or give me a call at 641-628-8087 ext: 1101. After I’ve heard from you, I will contact you about a date and time that works best for your church service.