Willa B (reduced)

Willa Branderhorst celebrated 35 years at COC and received an iPad and wireless keyboard as a gift

Christian Opportunity Center living skills advisor Willa Branderhorst reflected on her 35 years with the organization…in her own words.

Before working at the Christian Opportunity Center, we fostered a girl for four years who worked in COC’s Pella workshop. She then moved into COC’s new cottage that housed 15 adults and I was hired shortly after. I worked in that cottage until it closed and then transitioned to one of the four-person homes that COC purchased.

I still work there to this day.

It is very rewarding to help people reach their God-given potential.

For my 35 years of service, I received an iPad and a wireless keyboard as a gift from COC. It arrived just two days before my daughter and family from Missouri visited for Tulip Time, so they were able to help me set it up and teach me how to use it.

I’m enjoying it very much and I feel very appreciated.