JOB PURPOSE: To ensure that each assigned person supported in the program is functioning at the highest level of responsibility and independence possible, considering his/her individual interests, priority needs, skills, and abilities.

  • 1 FT position (36-48 hrs/wk) Days
  • Schedule: Wk 1: Sun, Wed, Thus, Fri 8:30a-8:30p. WK 2: Mon, Tues, Sat 8:30a-8:30p. 
  • $14.14 hr
  • 1 FT position (48-72 hrs/wk)
  • Schedule: Wk 1: Sun 9a-Tues 9a and Sat 9a-Sun 9a. Wk 2: Sun 9a-Tues 9a. Wk 3: Sun 9a-Tues 9a. (Able to sleep at night while earning overtime!)
  • $9.05/hr = $30,010/yr.
  • 1 FT position – Regional Alternate (40 hrs/wk)
  • The schedule will vary and may include some 12 and 24 hour shifts.
  • $15.03/hr

    If you have any questions about employment at COC, contact us by phone at 641-628-8087, ext. 1139 or by e-mailing Human Resources.

COC is an equal employment opportunity employer.