HOME CHARACTERISTICS:  The house is a two level 4 bedroom home on the southeast side of town. The pending opening is located on the main level. The individual will have 3 male roommates, ages 47-69. The housemates have one staff who is available 24 hours. Staff are asleep during overnight hours. COC owns this home and rent is 30% of monthly income. Utilities, cable, yard maintenance & other living expenses are split 4 ways among the housemates.


LOOKING FOR: The housemates are looking for someone with an easy-going personality on the ID waiver.  Common interests include watching Iowa/Iowa State games, playing card or board games, going to movies, and watching cowboy movies. The housemates enjoy going out for special occasions and shopping, but prefer spending their downtime at home.


TO APPLY:  Please go to https://christianopportunity.org/admissions/ to fill out an application.