• JOB PURPOSE: To provide preventive maintenance and timely repairs on Indianola COC buildings, equipment, and vehicles.

  • Monday-Friday, 3-4 hours per day.

  • $13.67/hour


  1. To adhere to the Christian purpose and philosophy of COC.
  2. To be committed to teaching, learning from, and leading staff and people supported each day according to COC’s philosophy and mission statement.
  3. To work cooperatively with all co-workers.
  4. To maintain the repair needs of COC – Pella’s main building, Pella Vocational Services, the HCBS group homes, and the residential living facilities.
  5. To perform timely preventive maintenance and repairs.
  6. To complete weekly checks, safety checks, minor repairs, and some services for COC-Pella’s vehicles.
  7. To complete construction or renovation of equipment and materials for program use.
  8. To maintain and keep maintenance records current for buildings, equipment, and vehicles.
  9. To repair and renovate buildings and equipment as assigned.
  10. To comply with safety, CARF, and OSHA regulations.
  11. To be available to complete assigned grounds upkeep, including removal of ice and snow from walkways traveled daily by B-CSALA, RCF/MR, and ICF/MR residents to and from the main building.
  12. To attend all required meetings, training, and events.
  13. To perform other duties as assigned.



  1. Ability to do simple grasping, fine manipulation, bending and stooping to work with mechanical equipment and power tools in the maintenance and general repairs of buildings, equipment, and vehicles.
  2. Ability to do occasional heavy lifting and carrying of 60 pounds and regularly do moderate lifting of 25 pounds in general maintenance.
  3. Ability to climb on a ladder to roof areas.
  4. Ability to be mobile and to be on your feet for long periods of time.
  5. Ability to work in unfavorable environments (heat, cold, rain, snow, and occasional dust and fumes).
  6. Good physical dexterity for the performance of the job duties.
  7. Ability to pass drug and alcohol tests as a requirement for this safety sensitive position.


REQUIRED QUALIFIERS: The skills, education, and experience a person must possess to be considered for the position:

  1. Ability to work according to COC’s Christian philosophy
  2. Safety conscious
  3. 2 years experience in maintenance
  4. Self-directed
  5. Dependable
  6. Responsible

If you have any questions about employment at COC, contact us by phone at 641-628-8087, ext. 1139 or by e-mailing Human Resources.

COC is an equal employment opportunity employer.